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The Women’s Collective empowers those interested in menopause to engage within a supportive group and shift their perspective around this powerful life cycle.

We offer an educational program rooted in self-exploration within a safe space that utilizes holistic modalities so our members may gain knowledge, balance, and confidence to embrace their menopausal journey.

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The Embrace Menopause Program
Together, we will explore menopause utilizing holistic modalities like:

Restore Confidence, Balance, and Sense of Self with a network of like-minded peers!

If you want the next 3 months to look and feel different than the last 3 months, enroll in The Embrace Menopause Program today.
Discovery sessions are always no cost to you.


Katy Troy and Tabitha Story are holistic self-development and integrative health coaches that want to engage and shift the perspective about menopause. 

Tabitha Story

Tabitha provides guidance introducing balance in diet, energy, and good ol' fun.

​​She offers 1-on-1 Integrative Nutrition Health Coach services that assist in resetting your relationship with food & establishing mindful lifestyle choices.

Katy Troy

Offering clarity and intuitive alignment through holistic self-development.

​Utilizing various holistic modalities, energetic practices and practical solutions, we will work to move past the stagnation you are currently experiencing.